Holiday Club

The Holiday Club will be open each school holiday. The club is situated in a new building in the grounds of the nursery with a secure play area of about 1/3 acre.

Holiday Club Opening times

This Christmas the holiday club will be open from Monday 22nd December 2014 until Wednesday 24th at 2.00pm. We will be open after Christmas on Friday the 2nd January 2015.

For further information please contact us.

Holiday Club Principals

Brookfield Holiday Club follows the play work principle to provide a broad range of environments and play opportunities for the children to explore and to build on their own life skills.

The play work principles:

We facilitate childrens’ play by offering a wide range of choices in the play environment giving the children lots of first hand experiences:

We provide opportunities for parties where the children can create the environment and make the food for everyone to eat.

We sit together and make lists of games so the children can make decisions together and have the excitement of doing something on their own.


We go on planned trips which are the childrens’ choice. We talk together discussing the risks involved with the trips, allowing the children to make their own suggestions to prevent the risks.

All the trips we go on use public transport, allowing the children to gain first hand experiences of waiting for buses a, reading timetable and being able to pay for their tickets.