News from the rooms

Little Acorns

Hannah and Mandy say goodbye to Sophia, Lennon and Sam Tayforth as they have now moved into Rabbit run. They welcome Evie, Dominic, Ellie, George, Jacob, Sophie and Scarlet into the baby unit we hope they enjoy their time.

Rabbits Run

We welcome Sophia, Lennon and Sam into rabbit run and hope they enjoy their time with us. We wish a belated birthday to Millie, she was 2 yrs old on the 20th September. Happy birthday to Erin, she will be 2 yrs old on the 9th October.
Now the weather is changing please can parents bring in a warm coat, wellington boots and a change of clothing for wearing in the garden. To help support your child’s language and emotional wellbeing please encourage your child to put photographs, toys that are of special interest to your child into a shoe box and bring in into nursery to share with their keyworker and friends.

Owls Nest

Welcome Felix, Amy, Esha,Ellis, Grace and Danielle into Owls, we hope they enjoy their time. Happy birthday to Jake, Jeffery and Jenson, they all celebrate their birthday this month.
Please feel free to take your child’s box home to fill up with special abjects that your child would like to share with staff and their friends. Your child can add pictures or photo’s from nursery that they can also share with you at home.
Soon children will be able to take ‘Benny bear’ home at the weekends to look after and have fun with. Benny the bear will have a bag of clothes and a book for you to write about your weekend. You can add photos too and it will give children a good opportunity to talk about it with others.
It is with great sadness to inform you that Amy will be leaving nursery on 31st October. She will be taking up a post in a school where she hopes to start her teaching degree. Amy is a very valuable member of staff and will be greatly missed by both children and staff. Good luck Amy !. Hollie will be taking over Amy’s keyworker children and working alongside Davina and Vicky.

Foxs Den

Nina, Hayley and Juanita welcome Jude P, Jude S, ImaanAliza and Caitlyn into the room. We hope they enjoy their time and make new friends. Goodbye to Felix, Amy, Ellis, Grace and Danielle as they move into Owls nest. Please encourage your child to bring in a shoe box that can be decorated in nursery and then fill at home with photographs, toys that are of special interest to your child. This can then be shared with their keyworker and peers. This activity supports children’s emotional and language development.
To develop children’s independence and allowing them free access to water each child has their own drink cup which is kept in a drink holder with a picture of each child. Please can parents return summary sheets to their keyworker, this is important information so the keyworker can ensure the plans take into account the child’s experience at nursery and bome. Please can parents check their child’s tray each day to ensure everything goes home. Thank you.

Other News

Weekend packs are available again; please feel free to take a pack home. Please sign the packs in and out when taking them home. Your child will also be given a book bag to use when borrowing a book. Please also fill in the contact book, to let us know how your child enjoyed the weekend packs and books.

Please can parents fill out ‘tell me about it’ slip when their child has done something over the weekend.

Dora is nursery hamster. Children are welcome to look after her at home over the weekend. If you feel you would like to look after her over the weekend, please speak to Davina. She is very friendly and easy to look after and great fun!!!!