Nursery Picture Gallery

Various pictures from daily life at the nursery.

The children enjoy time with Santa when he takes time off from making presents and visits the 2006 Christmas Fair.

Now shall it be an artistic masterpiece or a cake for mummy? Whatever I might need a wash afterwards!

The local Firemen on a recent visit always draw an excited crowd and thatís just the Nursery Nurses! The children also enjoy the visits.

The Barnardo's Big Toddle around the nursery grounds. This event raised over £200 for Barnardo's.

The Barnardo's Big Toddle is a sponsored walk for under 5ís and is the biggest pre-school event in the UK.

In 2007 the Big Toddle has over £1.1 million, and makes a real difference to thousands of disadvantaged children across the country. It's about children helping children.

Banardo's Big Toddle website

I want to be a conductor when I grow up. Oh, do come and have some lunch, I've saved you a seat.

And can you tell that young man to wait for the nice face painting lady. I'm sure she'll be here soon!

The Nursery Summer Party and Barbeque was a great success with many children, their siblings and parents attending.

'Two Bobs' the childrens entertainer amused the children, while the adults enjoyed a glass of wine and a chat.

Look, what fun, come, play and learn